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School of Nutrition

(Including Master , Doctoral and  Master Continuing program)


Our school emphasizes practical trainings and internship cooperation with the food industry and medical facilities.  Community construction—Construct a healthy community with campus and affiliated hospital resources and promote international development through exchange student program with overseas sister schools.


Our school aims at consolidating the certification system, assisting students in obtaining related professional certificates and qualification.


To meet the future curriculum development need, we do realize the necessity of high standard teaching quality. On the basis of our excellent faculty, we will continue to invite outstanding professors and highly experienced instructors to join our team, to maintain our teaching quality and to promote ourselves to an international level.

Further education

1.Institute of Nutritional Science.

2.Institutes of Bioscience, Basic Medicine, Biotechnology, Food Management, Healthy Food and Food Science.



1.National Exams—Dietitians, food technicians.

2. Nutritional or Business Management—Hospital, School, Maternity Center, Food Industry, Group Diet Health Consultation Organization, Public Institutions.

3. Food Biotechnology Industry—Research, Development, QC, and Promotion.

4. Academic Research—Institute, Academic Research, or Teaching.