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About us

School of Nutrition

(Including Master , Doctoral and  Master Continuing program)

  Our school was established in 1981 aiming to cultivate professionals and specialists in the field of food and nutrition to have nutrition and food science knowledge and technology in response to the national industrial demand. In 2007, the “School of Nutrition” and the “Graduate Institute of Nutritional Sciences” have both been accredited  by the Foundation of Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan. In the following year, the School of Nutrition and the Graduate Institute of Nutritional Science were merged as: School of Nutrition (including of Master and Doctoral program , and Master continuing Program.) In 2014, our school was again accredited by “2013 College General Education and Departmental Evaluation Committee of the Second Cycle” from Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council of Taiwan.



Features and Current Status

ØThe aims of our school is to cultivate professionals equipped with nutritional and medical knowledge and to enhance the clinical application and research of nutrition and science. There are 19 full-time faculties their specialties food and are either in “clinical nutrition”, “food nutrition” or “basic medicine”.

ØIn response to our goal of cultivating “nutritionist” and “food technologist”, our curriculum is designed based on three areas: “clinical nutrition”, “food nutrition” and “basic medicine.” The passing rate or the nutritionist license of our alumni is higher than the national average rate.

ØTo raise and develop the research potentials of our students, the school has established a selective course of “Independent Case Study” for sophomore students and above, and welcome them to learn skills in the faculties laboratories. This training would help students to understand their own future research field and their plans to pursue a further study in graduate institute.

ØSince the academic year of 2008, we have established the program of “Nutraceutical Biotechnology Program” with the School of Biomedical Sciences, and to provide students a multi-disciplinary study and to increase their competitiveness for the future employment. 



Future Prospects

    Our school provides a stable environment for the faculties and students to grow. Since the establishment of this school, we have and will continue to do our best to cultivate students and  specialists in the fields of clinical and basic nutrition. We have achieved good results from the research integrating clinical and basic nutritional science. Owing to the 50 years history and culture of the university as well as the modern transformation of the health concepts, our school  will not only meet the demands of the university but also the social necessities emphasizing on the developments of the curricular, teaching staff, students’ learning, students’ affairs and future employment market. We will expand our duties into community service, international academic exchanges and alumni communications. Lastly, we will also focus on the preventive study of disease in order to promote the national health status with our professionals and specialists.


Students interested in courses of nutrition, healthcare and other related fields are welcome to join the big family of Nutrition at Chung Shan Medical University .